Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The British are Coming - Let's Make Some Royal Icing!!!

Ok, so my humor is slightly corny.  I've had a couple requests for a good royal icing recipe.  Royal icing is great because it hardens as it dries and allows for beautifully decorated cookies, amongst other things.  Royal icing requires egg whites and some prefer to substitute meringue powder in the recipe to avoid the possibility of salmonella exposure.  Also bear in mind that grease the greatest enemy of royal icing.  Make sure all utensils you use in the preparation of the icing are completely free of any greasy residue.

Royal Icing
3 tbsp meringue powder OR 2 large egg whites
4 cups confectioners sugar (approximately 1 lb)
7 tbsp warm water

Mix ingredients with a mixer on a low speed for about 8-10 minutes. Your icing is ready to move into an airtight container or cover the mixing bowl with a taut piece of Saran wrap.  Keep the icing covered/closed whenever possible to avoid it hardening.  If you would like to color your icing, I recommend a professional brand like Wilton's  which is very concentrated and won't thin down your icing like a standard grocery store brand will.    Royal icing can remain in the fridge for several days or in the freezer for a few months.

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